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Arzum OKKA Minio
Turkish Coffee Machine

Both very delicious, and very practical Turkish coffee pleasure.

Arzum OKKA Minio brews Turkish coffee with much greater flavor and makes your coffee pleasure much more practical.

Arzum OKKA Minio, which was deemed worthy of awards in 5 different categories at Plus X, IF Design and Red Dot, brews coffee slowly by fully enjoying the process. Enjoy coffee on a wood fire at your home.

The perfect taste of Turkish Coffee with Minio

The ability to brew coffee slowly at the right consistency, anti-overflow smart cooking sensor, award-winning design allowing the use of right and left hands reinforce the pleasure of coffee. In short, it is a Turkish Coffee machine that will create a difference in your coffee time with its every aspect.


The highlights of Arzum OKKA Minio

Ability to brew up to 4 cups at once
Ideal consistency, rich foam on slow fire
Audio and light warning system indicating cooking time
Anti-overflow system that stops cooking at the right time with the smart cooking sensor
Washable pot with washable technology
Special coffee measuring spoon for ideal consistency at each service
Designed diligently for a PERFECT Turkish Coffee experience ...

Arzum OKKA Minio won 2 important awards in "Design and "Ease of Use" categories at Plus-X Awards, one of the most prestigious awards of the world.

Technical Characteristics
  • Power
  • 480 W
  • Capacity
  • 1-4 cups
  • Resistance
  • Stainless steel
  • Safety System
  • Anti-overflow smart cooking sensor,
    safety system preventing waterless operation
  • Other
  • Right- or left-hand operation,
    Anti-overflow system,
    ideal cooking on a slow fire,
    washable pot,
    audio warning

OKKA Minio Turkish Coffee Machine