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Arzum OKKA Beangourmet
Turkish Coffee Grinder

Turkish Coffee pleasure right out of the beans with Arzum OKKA Beangourmet

ARZUM OKKA Beangourmet grinder that can grind all types of coffee beans in any level of hardness offers the ever-fresh Turkish Coffee in kitchens all around the world.

Durable and healthy ceramic grinder

ARZUM OKKA Beangourmet with its durable and healthy ceramic grinding mechanism offers strong and fresh Turkish coffee pleasure by preserving the coffee essence without heating coffee thanks to its ceramic grinder in contrast to blade grinders.

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Elegant and ergonomic design

Arzum OKKA Beangourmet provides practicality thanks to its removable grinding arm offering storage convenience while offering elegance in the kitchens. The coffee grinder with its ergonomic design and user friendliness thanks to its non-slip base brings fresh coffee experience to your kitchens.

OKKA Beangourmet Turkish Coffee Grinder